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  • Who is legally entitled to free monthly care aids worth up to 40 euros?
    People in need of care from care level 1 and above who are cared for privately by relatives at home are entitled to care aids worth up to 40 euros per month in accordance with Section 40 Paragraph 1 SGB XI. After submitting the application, the nursing care insurance fund checks the individual claim. Caring relatives can also submit an application for the person in need of care.
  • How can I order the free Rheingesund box?
    Rheingesund offers you various options: 1) You can fill out the application and sign it digitally directly via our website. 2) Call us on 0221 – 953 15 010. One of our employees will fill out the application with you and will of course be available to answer any questions you may have. 3) Print out the application form and send it to us, filled out and signed, by post or email. To ensure that the postal service remains free for you, we will be happy to send you a print template by email. All you need to do is print it out and put it in an envelope. 4) We will send you the application documents by post. Then fill it out and sign it and send it back to us by post. A return envelope is included with the application documents. Rheingesund takes care of everything else!
  • Which products can I choose?
    You can fill your box with the following products: absorbent bed protectors, disposable gloves, hand and surface disinfectants, protective aprons for single use, face masks (surgical masks or FFP2 masks), disposable wash gloves and finger cots.
  • What is the reusable bed protector?
    In addition to the care aids in your monthly care box, which are covered by the €40 flat rate, you can receive the reusable bed protection inserts free of charge if your care insurance company has approved them. Depending on your care insurance provider, the costs for up to 3 reusable bed protectors per year will be covered. Reusable bed protectors can be washed and used multiple times.
  • Can I choose the care aids myself?
    You can put together an individual box. Completely according to your wishes.
  • I already get my care supplies from another provider, what do I have to do?
    All you need to do is cancel your subscription quickly by telephone with your old provider, after which you can easily order from Rheingesund. If you have set up a permanent authorization through your pharmacy, please cancel it personally before ordering from Rheingesund. We are at your disposal for further questions.
  • How long does it take until I receive my first Rheingesund box?
    The approval process with your nursing care insurance fund may take up to 1 week. If you have also applied for the reusable bed protection inserts, the feedback for this can take place at a different time than for the Rheingesund box. Rest assured that your application is being processed. The insured person and Rheingesund will be notified in writing of the approval.
  • Can I change the care aids monthly?
    Of course, you can adjust your individual needs on a monthly basis. Simply call 0221 – 953 15 01 0. A Rheingesund employee will be happy to record your change or send us an email to Changes must always be communicated by the 20th of the current month.
  • I have private insurance, can I still order the Rheingesund box and if so, how?
    Yes, of course people with private insurance are also entitled to the free Rheingesund Box. You will receive an invoice from us, which you must first pay and then submit to your insurance company or benefit provider.
  • How long does the entitlement to free nursing aids last?
    The long-term care insurance fund usually covers costs for an indefinite period of time (as long as the insured person is receiving home care). If costs are covered for a limited period of time, Rheingesund will take care of the extension for you.
  • Can I adjust the delivery date of my care box?
    You can change your Rheingesund box and your data at any time. To do this, log in to the member area or call us on 0221 – 953 15 01 0. A Rheingesund employee will be happy to record your changes or send us an email to
  • Can I adjust the delivery cycle of my care box?
    If you do not want to receive your Rheingesund Box monthly, it is possible to adjust the delivery cycle of your care box. To do this, please send us an email to or use the contact form on our website, stating your name, date of birth and insurance number as well as the desired adjustment. Please note that it is also possible to adjust the contents of your care box according to your needs.

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